Get toned, trim, and thin … all in just 10 minutes! YES, YOU CAN —
with 10-Minute Torchers, the all-new DVD program from Women’s Health and the creators of the Spartacus Workout.

We’ve created 12 incredible fat-torching routines that target every part of your body. Each workout is scientifically designed to harness the calorie-burning power of intense intervals and the body-shaping benefits of resistance training. And all you’ll need is ONE pair of light dumbbells.


Even better, each 10-minute routine will allow you to target the parts of your body you care about most. So you’ll be able to:

Sculpt Sexy Legs … in 10!

Feel confident in a skirt or a pair of shorts — even short shorts! — with the Lower Body Crush.

Tighten Your Abs … in 10!

Get a flat, fit-looking stomach in almost time with the Six-Pack Superstorm.

Tone Your Arms … in 10!

Sculpt your arms and shoulders — and wear a tank top with pride! All you need is the Upper Body Blast.

Get a Bikini Body … in 10!

Look great — all over! From the Isometric Inferno to Tempo Torchers to Dumbbell Dynamite, you can tone every inch of your body.

PLUS: Feeling bloated? The Belly-Fat Broiler is your answer. Just want to sweat? Take on the Sweat Tsunami. Want to be surprised? Go with Fat Loss Freestyle. The choice is yours, but the results are always the same: You’ll torch fat faster than ever!

Get Thin in 10!

When you order 10-Minute Torchers, you’ll receive 3 DVDs that combine to give you a revolutionary new way to work out at home. Here’s what you get:

Disc 1 The Torcher Chamber

Choose from any of our twelve 10-minute Torchers. Do just one, or mix and match routines for a seemingly endless variety of workouts.

Disc 2 The 10-Week Fat Torch

This expertly-designed program gives you a detailed day-by-day plan for sculpting the lean, toned body you want.

Disc 3 25 Ultimate Torchers

Select from 25 pre-made fat-torching combos, such as The Beach-Ready Workout, The Date-Night Workout, and The Better-Booty Workout.

Can I really get results in 10 minutes? YES!

Scientific studies from the University of Kansas, the University of Southern Illinois, Queen’s University, and Southern Maine University show that surprisingly short workouts — like those you’ll do in 10-Minute Torchers — can help you:

Boost fitness levels as much as you would running for 30 minutes on the treadmill!

Burn 8% more fat while you SLEEP! You lose as you snooze!

Skyrocket your metabolism as much as a 35-minute workout!

Torch as many calories per minute as running at a 6-minute-per-mile pace.

That’s right: Every 10-Minute Torcher is like running nearly 2 miles … lightning fast!

And while the average person drops an exercise program within a month of starting, this research shows that people stick with the quickie workouts 96% of the time. That’s the NUMBER ONE secret to weight loss success!

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